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Sustalytics: Using Data Science to Empower Sustainable Fashion

January 29, 20232 min read

Sustalytics uses visual technology to help global brands and retailers understand consumer preferences before making product decisions to limit unnecessary overproduction. By predicting what consumers want, we empower fashion businesses to waste less and profit more.

Their Story

Launched in 2018 by fashion industry experts with the purpose to empower fashion businesses to be more sustainable and efficient. By creating a platform that prioritised the consumer, Sustalytics found a solution to the excessive waste seen in the industry today that causes not only a massive loss of profit, but client dissatisfaction and environmental degradation. Our answer to this is a platform that uses data science in order to identify consumer needs for fashion brands and retailers that directs them to only produce exactly what their customers want.

Their Solution

We are much more than a tech platform. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world and we saw an opportunity to disrupt the way retailers currently produce. Clients' key performance indicators achieved thanks to Sustalytics speak for themselves.

My Work

For this project, I was tasked with building a Shopify web app that pulls store data for processing. I also worked on the client's Webflow site handling maintenance and setting up a REST API to improve workflow.

As part of this project, I built a website for Sustalytics using Webflow and Drupal, and developed a Shopify app that allows users to checkout directly from the site. These solutions help streamline the user experience and improve overall efficiency.

If you're in the fashion industry and looking to make more informed product decisions while reducing waste, consider partnering with Sustalytics. Our data-driven approach can help you better understand consumer preferences and empower you to create products that meet their needs.

Contact Us Visit to learn more about our platform and how we can help your fashion brand or retail business.

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